Three Freedoms To Look Forward To when Your Youngest Starts School


The first day of school for your little one can be quite daunting to say the least. My youngest is coming up on her first day of full day kindergarten. Once she starts school, it will be the first time my little girl has been away from me for that many hours a day, ever. The closer that day gets, the more my excitement anxiety builds.

Currently I am a stay at home mother of two very entertaining little girls who always keep me on my toes. My youngest is four going on fourteen. She’s fairly independent. Most of the time.

She has for the most part, only been around our family since she was born; because of this, her first day of kindergarten camp did not go over well.

When we got to her class that morning my girl looked up at me with her serious face and said “You are not leaving me here!”  I explained to her in my calmest voice “Everyone goes to school, and now its your turn. I need you to be a big girl like your sister, until I get back to pick you up okay?” she began to cry and literally was clinging to my leg for dear life as I was trying to get out the door. They had to hold her back when I finally did leave.

Apparently it was not okay.

Eventually she acclimated to her new surroundings and by the end of the week was a completely different kid when it came to school.

Later after first doing a little victory dance in my kitchen (hey I have been consecutively taking care of two kids, 24 hours a day for 8 years straight!) I started thinking about all the freedoms that come with having all school age children.

Here are my top 3…

1. Free Time…

Okay, so maybe that’s not full fledged freedom, but free time is the kind of freedom that a parent who has been taking care of at least one child for years can appreciate.

Of course if you are a stay at home mom, you will have time for that book you have been meaning to read, or that class you have always wanted to take.

There are even more simple luxuries like; being able to use the restroom in peace without the added commentating of “it stinks in here” and my favorite “are you done yet?”

You can also take a shower all by yourself without the twenty questions that must have an answer as soon as you decide to get in like; “What’s that?” And then the follow up question of “Why doesn’t daddy have those?”

Now that’s freedom people!

2. Peace and quiet

Peace and quiet at home is a foreign concept to most parents, but for me, a stay at home mom, the concept is especially frightening. It sounds sweet really, but in the back of my mind deep questions like these lurk:

What is peace and quiet for such a long period of time feel like? Will it hurt? Will I be bored out of mind after the first day? What will I do without the constant barrage of simple statements and mundane questions like: “I’m hungry! Will you make me pancakes?” (at 2:30 in the afternoon) or “I went poop, come look!” peppered throughout my day?

I find it odd that kids that age get so proud of their poop. I don’t even want to see my own let alone someone else’s, but you do what you must as a parent. Whatever floats their boat right?

3. Having both your children on the same schedule

For me this is one of the best parts of raising all school age children. Now they both will be home at the same time, in school at the same time, and eventually doing homework at the same time. I dont know about you, but for me that’s a win win in my eyes.

Eventually our kids will grow older, and need us less. We will look back longingly on those days when they were solely dependent on us to get their daily needs met, and remember our now seemingly foolish excitement for them to grow up, and be more independent.

For now though, I will take whatever simple freedom(s) I can get, and maybe a few more…