The rules of engagment, with other peoples kids



As a parent I try to always be respectful to other peoples children. Actually I was like this before I was a parent. I think I’m just more aware of it now.  Once you have your own children, it quickly becomes apparent what is and what isn’t, an appropriate reaction to other peoples kids. Every once in awhile, you meet someone who just doesn’t care, and when you do it completely shocks you.

Recently I have had the “pleasure” of being around such a person. This is what has prompted me to write this blog. I thought to myself, I can’t be the only parent out there dealing with a person like this. Especially if your in a situation like I am, and are trying to be diplomatic about the whole thing, so as not to upset anyone else, like a friend or family member of the person.

So a few weeks back my husband and I took our kids over to a friendly get together, which we attend once in awhile. At these get together’s there are other kids running around playing with our kids. While all the parents get a chance to catch up. A good time is had by all. Usually.

Lately it feels like one of the adults has singled out my youngest child, and deemed her a brat. Now for the most part my four year old was pretty we’ll behaved. She is however still a small child, which goes without saying she also acts like a small child. Crazy I know.

A couple weeks back this person heard me ask my child to stop running and, took it upon themselves to yell at my child, over me and her dad telling her to stop running. I should point out that she wasn’t the only one running, but she was the only one who was singled out. This has happend on more then one occasion. With this same person and my youngest child. Let me tell you, hearing another person raise their voice at your child is not only shocking, its humiliating for my child and me.

Afterwards I thought back on the situation, and how I could have politely schooled this person on how to deal with another’s child (or for those who just don’t get it).

Rules of engagement when dealing with my or anyone else’s child,

1. If my child is breaking some rule, its my job as the parent to handle it. Please don’t take it upon yourself to raise your voice at my child (honestly if it would have been a teacher they would of lost there job, just saying) I prefer I be the only one yelling at my kids, and usually that only happens after they have slowly driven me crazy all day, and when we are well away from prying eyes.

2. If you feel my child needs to be reprimanded please come and tell me the parent, and I will take it from there. As parents our job is to protect our children, having another person who really doesn’t know my child raise their voice at them, tends to bring the mama bear out in me no matter who you are.

3. Please don’t call any child a  liar (PERIOD). Even if you think my child is lying about the toy she brought. If its not your child or it has nothing to do with your child, please stay out of it.

Really its not like I wanted the damn toy in the first place, but if she’s that adamant she brought it (it did look familiar), and if it is hers, she has the right to take it home. Just for the record, it was later proven by an eye witness that she did bring the stupid 50¢ purple dinosaur in question with her. Believe me I would much rather leave it there so as to slowly thin out there toy collection. It just so happens on this night my sweet little angel knew exactly what she brought with her, and was going to have a major blow out if she didn’t leave with it (she slipped by me that night, usually my number one rule because of situations like this is, NO toys outside the car)

So there it, is my three simple rules of engagement when it comes to avoiding conflict over other people’s kids. Honestly I don’t even like yelling at my own kids, let alone yelling at someone else’s. Believe me my hands are full enough already, and unless the other kids are hurting themselves or someone else, I’m just going to keep on walking. Who’s with me?